Client Services Collections

Client Services Incorporated (CSI) is a customer relationship management company whose headquarters is in St. Louis, MO. With several smaller locations around the United States. Their name is in reference to the type of work that they provide. They are known primarily as being a collection agency and customer relationship management company.


Client Services Inc. was originally founded in 1987 by John Kastner as a third party collections. After growing throughout the years Client Services Collections has now become a full service customer relationship management company.

Methods of Collecting

Third Party/Post-Charge Off

Post Charge Off is when the debt account is transferred to a third party creditor or a Legal firm for further action.

First Party/Pre-Charge Off

Pre-Charge occurs when the creditor gives the debtor notice that the Account will be sent to a collections agency if a payment plan is not settled upon by a specified date.

Skip Tracing

Collecting all available information about a debtor who attempts to escape their debt is called skip tracing. This is a costly and complex service. Because of the time required to use this service Client Services only uses it for sever debt cases.


Client Services offers service to the government to help aid in tax collections, fine payments, transportation related fees, and child support payments.


Smaller businesses are often in debt to larger businesses. Client Services contains staff who are trained in handling cases where two businesses are involved.


Client Services provides assistance to hospitals and other health care fields with patient payment options and financial management. Because of the sensitive nature of Healthcare/Hospital patients, collections in the industry require a higher level of care.


Insurance Companies often look for third party collectors to work with individuals who are in debt. Client Services contains a secure infrastructure to allow safe transfer of sensitive data.


Client Services contains a legal network consisting of over 200 attorneys to help them with the legal side of their collections division.

Call Centers

Client Services relies on the use of call centers for their daily operations. They currently have 4 call centers across the United States, with two call centers located in St. Charles, MS, one located in Denison, TX, and the latest one opening in March 2010 in Lenexa, KS. They currently employ roughly 1250 people nationwide.

Hours of Operations

Client Services is often ran 7 days a week although they give their employees the option of working on sundays. The hours that they are open are:


Each call center maintains a high level of security. Currently Client Services has received a Level 1 rating from the PCI-DSS. Each call center maintains video surveillance at each entrance. Motion detectors are located throughout the buildings. Employees have access via key cards and must carry photo badges at all times. Visitors must be issued a temporary badge and must be escorted at all times. Access to vital areas is limited and requires two levels of authentication.

Going Green

Client Services Collections strives to maintain a green work environment. Each call center contains an on-site recycling center. Biodegradable materials are used whenever possible, and energy management along with waste management are viewed highly.